Hi! My name is Johann Fleuri and I am a french-born journalist based in Tokyo since 2015. Japan permanent Correspondent for Ouest-France newspaper, I also publish long stories on society topics for magazines such as TempuraMag, La Gazette des femmes (Canada), Géo magazine, among others. 

In August 2017, I published my first book "Portraits de Tokyo" with Hikari editions. In October 2020, my second one "Tokyo petit atlas hédoniste" with Editions du chêne. "Tokyo petit atlas hédoniste" has been translated in German and is in the process to be translated into English (summer 2022).

I have been working as a reporter since 2007, after graduating in Modern Literature and Journalism at the University of Nantes (France). After seven years covering local news in Ouest-France newspaper area, I settled in Tokyo in 2015. 

I discovered Japan in 2009 during a one-year stay in the archipelago: I fell for the country and started working as a freelance writer during that period. I went back to France in 2010 but kept coming to Japan once a year, to pursue my freelance stories. In 2013, I won the Robert Guillain prize for my project on the complicated reconstruction of the tsunami-damaged area, Tohoku. And after many many trips between France and Japan, I settled in Tokyo six years ago as an independent.

Feel free to contact me in english, french or japanese. 



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